Rest API mocking and intercepting in seconds(It is very usefull webhook testing) Replace the endpoint in the code and you are ready. It's that simple!

Use cases

  • Build a mock Rest API in a few seconds. Free, No coding required.
  • Inspect payloads of any HTTP request (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, etc).
  • Customizable responses to simulate API response and failures.
  • When load testing your API, do you really need to pass on the load to downstream APIs?
  • Simulate latencies, timeouts and slow-responses of downstream APIs (validate rarely reachable code paths)
  • A/B testing by switching API endpoints or versions without any redeployment. (prod code vs new code)
  • Don't block your UI devs when backend APIs are still in development. Just mock it!
  • Create webhook endpoints and simulate responses.


  • HTTP request intercepting for debugging and inspecting payload.
  • Get named endpoints/sub-domains - easy to replace base URL in your code.
  • Proxy Setup: Rule based approach to mock a few calls and hit real API for the rest.
  • Capturing HTTP requests in real time.
  • Support for CORS & preflight requests (OPTIONS) is out of the box.
  • Keep Calm & Get 200 OK.
  • All endpoints are HTTPS enabled.
  • Requestbin + + Http-proxy => Beeceptor

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