Advantages of Waterfall

Waterfall is best used for simple, unchanging projects. Its linear, rigid nature makes it easy to use and allows for in-depth documentation.

The advantages of Waterfall include:

  • Easy to use and manage: Because the Waterfall model follows the same sequential pattern for each project, it is easy to use and understand. The team doesn’t need any prior knowledge or training before working on a Waterfall project. Waterfall is also a rigid model; each phase has specific deliverables and review, so it’s easy to manage and control.
  • Discipline is enforced: Every phase in Waterfall has a start and end point, and it’s easy to share progress with stakeholders and customers. By focusing on requirements and design before writing code, the team can reduce the risk of a missed deadline.
  • Requires a well documented approach: Waterfall requires documentation for every phase, resulting in better understanding of the logic behind the code and tests. It also leaves a paper trail for any future projects or if stakeholders need to see more detail about a certain phase.