Can You Use Agile for Projects Outside of Software?

While Agile was traditionally created for software development, it can also be used in many other projects and industries.

It’s important to remember that Agile software development was born from the principles of Lean manufacturing and organizational learning. These ideas weren’t based on software to begin with. And, many practices in Agile, like stand-up meetings and visual management, are so common and can apply to any industry.

There are not many case studies of teams using Agile for things outside of software, but there are a couple. For example, Kate Sullivan, a corporate lawyer on The Lonely Planet legal team, has transformed the legal affairs service delivery with Agile. The team uses whiteboards and cards, morning stand-up meetings, prioritization, weekly iterations, and regular retrospectives.

Agile can definitely be applied to projects outside of software development, you just have to find the right method and approach for your needs. You can start with boards and cards, a work backlog, stand-up meetings, or iterations (weekly planning meetings) to see how your team responds.