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===EC2 User Data===
===EC2 User Data===
===EC2 Instances Launch Modes===
===EC2 Instances Launch Modes===
===EC2 Instance Launch Types===
===EC2 AMIs===
===Cross Account AMI Copy(FAQ + Exam Tip)===

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Creating AWS Account

AWS Budget Setup

AWS Fundamentals: IAM & EC2

AWS Regions and Availability Zones

IAM - Identity and Access Management

EC2 - Elastic Cloud Computing

AMI - Amazon Machine Image

EC2 Instance Connect

Security Groups

Private vs Public IP(IPv4 and IPv6) vs Elastic IP

Install LAMP(Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) on EC2

EC2 User Data

EC2 Instances Launch Modes

EC2 Instance Launch Types


Cross Account AMI Copy(FAQ + Exam Tip)